The Leland Shoemake Foundation offers photography services, gifts for under privileged children at Christmas, help to those after a terrible loss, help for the homeless, awareness for dangerous amoebas, and friendly support to anyone who may need it.  Check out or events page for more information.
  1. Sports Photography
    We offer affordable packages and options for sports teams and individual players. Our most popular sessions are team photos which include the team picture and individual pictures of each player. We also offer action shot photography of games.
  2. Leland's Christmas Lane
    Each year our house will grow with more lights and decorations. We take donations of decorations, lights and monetary donations to make our yard a great experience for children in the community. Our entire street gathers together to light up our road. It is done to give children in Pike County a place to see extravagant lights that are synced to music and to help light up their faces. It is set up with a donation box to cover cost and maintenance and the rest goes into the foundation fund.
  3. Santa Pictures
    We hold our annual event the first weekend in December. The location may vary but it always local to Leland's hometown of Williamson. These sessions are made affordable for all families and all proceeds buy Christmas gifts for under privileged children.
  4. Photography Sessions
    We occasionally hold mini session events but we do offer regular full sessions like family sessions, senior portrait sessions, birthday events and more.
  5. Help for Children in Need
    We take in toy and clothing donations every year to help children in need at Christmas.
  6. Help for the Homeless
    We take donations of all kinds from money to items for the homeless. We gather together and put blessing bags together twice a year to hand out to the local homeless in our area.
  7. Scholarship Fund
    Every year we hold the baseball tournament and hold several raffles to bring in funds to put into a scholarship fund for one high school student. You can be a part of this great cause and help give a child a great start into adulthood.
  8. Leland's Baseball Tournament
    We are looking into starting up a tournament every year in June to honor Leland and take donations for the foundation. More details to come soon.
  9. The Leland Shoemake Epic Award
    Each year the Leland Shoemake Foundation partners with the Pike Primary to offer an award to one first grade student in honor of Leland. Each teacher in first grade nominates one student from their class that exhibits advanced academic knowledge, a kind caring heart, a vivid imagination, an eagerness to learn and an all around amazing child.